about us

controlrooms GmbH based in Pottenbrunn / Austria was established in September 2011 by
Erich Ziegelwagner, Erich Strasser and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Markus Miksch. With more than 20
years of experience in equipping and supporting control rooms and video walls the three
founders are experts with the aim to provide professional support to all customers of all
different kind of businesses. Our clients are e.g. public security centers, race tracks, power
plants, energy providers as well as traffic control and telecom companies.

Our wide product range bases on close cooperation with renowned partners. Controlrooms
provides you with LCD video walls, rear-projection systems, ergonomic control consoles,
printer cabinets, sound-absorbing projection screen claddings, control room chairs, lighting
in modern OLED technology and much more. Within the meaning of a comprehensive
customer support we also take care of planning the air conditioning, the lighting, floors,
walls and ceilings. If it’s your wish, we are your general partner for the equipment and
maintenance of your complete control room.

We are glad to advise you from the beginning and develop a concept together with you.
After the implementation, more specifically: the equipment and installation, we stay with
you and are there if you need us. Our clients appreciate that and mostly ask us to be a
permanent partner in their projects. Therefore our work also includes the maintenance of
the installed systems, which warrants an extension of usage as well as a trouble-free and
cost-effective operation.

Introducing the controlrooms team

Erich Ziegelwagner

With the foundation of controlrooms GmbH a dream came true for me. Even though total
commitment is needed every day I still get to work with joy and enthusiasm. Because of
controlrooms my life changed a lot, above all I gained the freedom to arrange it according to
my own wishes. My perspectives on life, my understanding of work and my attitude towards
society has altered. Topics that I cared for earlier and that we are confronted with by media
… stock market crashes, financial crises, recessions, Euro bailout funds … all of that I’m
watching with a certain sobriety now and concentrate on true values in life.
This attitude is reflected in my work. I appreciate if someone is setting a goal and pursues
it, wherefore I can easily understand our customers wishes, visualize and realize them and
share the enthusiasm. Many customers became close friends, and the team work with Erich
Strasser und Markus Miksch is also characterized by respect and fellowship.
In spite of those thoughtful words I’m rather a man who likes to act. So I walk the talk and
face the challenges. All of my customers, partners and friends I’d like to ask to work together
for everyone’s success.
Good health, happiness and success to you all, and good luck!!!

Mr Erich Ziegelwagner
e-mail: erich.ziegelwagner@controlrooms.at
mobile: +43(0)664/8866 7819

Erich Strasser









I’m a skilled web master/web designer, Microsoft certified systems administrator and have
been involved in online marketing for many years. One of the many special challenges
in my work for controlrooms GmbH was to set new standards in Formula 1. With great
commitment we provided every race control and each media center of the new tracks,
e.g. Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Korea and India, with our systems including rear-projection,
software solutions, video wall controllers, furniture and much more. We developed this and
other projects in close cooperation with our partners and implemented them on the field
Further on I’m running the internationally leading OLED information websites and
am therefore able to say that organic displays and lighting technologies are close to a
commercial breakthrough 20 years after discovery. Samsung alone wants to sell 600 million
OLED TVs till 2015. OLED technology is not only relevant for displays; it will also change
the lighting market. Our rooms will no longer be illuminated by lamps, but energy-efficient
by wall papers with integrated lighting. What appears like a scene from a science fiction
movie might become reality soon, because organic light diodes are considered to be future
technology in the lighting industry. Even for control rooms the OLED technology gains in
importance. Here it will be used for lighting first, later on also for the displays.

Mr Erich Strasser
e-mail: erich.strasser@controlrooms.at
mobile: +43(0)664/8866 7817

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Markus Miksch

Since the foundation of controlrooms GmbH I’m managing partner of the company. I was
born in 1985 in St. Pölten and therewith am the youngest expert of controlrooms. After
successfully graduating from HTBLu.VA St. Pölten I studied business engineering at College
Mittweida – University of Applied Science. Following on my Higher Technical Education and
my basic military service I gained experience as project manager for several years. Among
others I was working in tunnel equipment and control room techniques.
At controlrooms I’m mainly responsible for project management, marketing and sales.

Mr Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Markus Miksch
e-mail: markus.miksch@controlrooms.at
mobile: +43(0)664/8866 7818